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Thursday, March 26, 2009

It comes and goes in waves! @ 12:22 AM

I hate finding things out that I never needed to know... I hate realizing that someone has made a mistake and you have no option but to stand by and wait for the meltdown. I will always have that feeling that nothing is quite right but everything is as good as it can be.

I was on myspace checking on all my old MaTES and I realized that one of my friends who has not been on AIM to have a chat was gone for a reason... He killed himself a few months ago... I wish I didnt suck!

I had a great spring break. I will always miss Trevor no matter how far away. He has always been a great friend. Lexi really made the trip alot better for me. But I realize I HATE Vegas... It is no place for anyone.

I moved all my stuff into storage and I will be just hanging around until I move.

I have so much on my mind right now let me list it.

1. I know he just made a huge mistake and I dont even know why I still think about him
2. I can forgive but I never forget... and by not being able to forget I will never be able to truly forgive.
3. I wish love was as easy as the movies.
4. My heart feels weaker every single day
5. Can I please be happy for a few days straight?
6. I no longer have the ability to care about the drama that goes on at work. My job is amazing if I can focus on not being part of the drama
7. Small things stress me out... Like dogs not being taught to potty outside correctly
8. I need to change my oil!
9. i wish life was like twilight... in some ways it seems to be though... rofl
10. I wanted to cry a few times today.. So many good people are hurting.

All that can be said is that well... it comes and goes in waves... Listen to this song mate.

-Blake Baumann


Hi Im blake.... and you have pondered onto my Blog.. I always have way to much to say and so few to listen.






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