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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Crayon @ 7:39 PM

So.... What is the chance that I did in fact find the brightest color in my crayon box. I really hope so.... and if so will that color compliment me lol wow!!! I am not even going to explain this at all. If you are reading this and your really want to know what I am talking about you just need to ask...

I am just really excited... but do I have the right to be excited.. No not just yet. its kind of Euphoria, I am in a loss but a good loss wowwwwww.

I really just need to stop...

Anyway My cousin Scott Baumann who I emailed forever ago found me on facebook I was reallllly happy to hear from him and shocked at the same time. Lets see what is going on in my life as of right now.... Well my friend James is down for a visit for a while he has basically just been spending his days on my couch reading his books. We are meeting up with some of my other friends for New Years downtown and it should be fun. I cant really think about anything because I am so excited about monday wow I need to just hahaahah....... WOW Focus.... ok ok... and then I am off two more days... I have a date on Monday :).............


My Ex and Candice have for some reason come to the conclusion I would waste my time and my eggs on Troys car.... bahahah NEVER.... how lame...

Thats all for now I will keep you guys updated on well how everything goes.....



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is over!!! @ 10:52 PM

So I was stressed over nothing! I know I am growing up because I look forward to new years so much more than christmas! All I know is its late and I love my family but I miss my friends so much already. I realize my friends understand what I stand for and that's something my family does not have. I seem to be getting along with my oldest brother way more than ever because I'm pretty sure he kinda see's where I'm coming from. Anyway I'm exhausted so ill blog more later.

Until then lovely


Thursday, December 18, 2008

@ 9:53 PM

I love this song it reminds me of the old days.... Except the good parts lol... Wow how things have changed!

Go figure! So true story I never pay my mobile bill until the 20th or I get a text message saying its past due.... this month I work sooo much and so I thought it would be nice to call them ans let them know I might be a little late because my next day off is not until christmas eve...... I call and they say oh that's fine you have no payment history problems yada yada yada... then this morning I realize I can't text or call out! So I get on my work phone and I call them and they transfer me 8 times until I finally talk to this lady and she says ohhhh well you can't text or call but you can receive all those important calls........ I'm like WHAT ABOUT THOSE IMPORTANT TEXTS!!!!!!!

Anyway.... so I just finished talking to this guy who told me I looked like one of the dudes from avenged sevenfold... I had to look up the band.... do I really? So this guy was cool we had a great coversation... to bad I can only carry on good conversation with straight guys..... why can't gay guys be more..... straight... you know simple less complicated and not so damn bitchy?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17th 2008 @ 11:04 PM

So I have been wanting to figure this out for so long...... "it" is the ability to post blogs via my cellular phone. Honestly I tend to have quite a bit to say and well my audience is never very large. I have a lot going on in my life but I'm going to leave that for tomorrows post. I have to get up in a few hours to go pick up my check for book buybacks because the school has the wrong mailing addy and I don't feel like hunting down a $45 check it is really not worth my time ha! Well I'm off to bed my loves I have a long day ahead of me!


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Hi Im blake.... and you have pondered onto my Blog.. I always have way to much to say and so few to listen.






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