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Thursday, March 26, 2009

It comes and goes in waves! @ 12:22 AM

I hate finding things out that I never needed to know... I hate realizing that someone has made a mistake and you have no option but to stand by and wait for the meltdown. I will always have that feeling that nothing is quite right but everything is as good as it can be.

I was on myspace checking on all my old MaTES and I realized that one of my friends who has not been on AIM to have a chat was gone for a reason... He killed himself a few months ago... I wish I didnt suck!

I had a great spring break. I will always miss Trevor no matter how far away. He has always been a great friend. Lexi really made the trip alot better for me. But I realize I HATE Vegas... It is no place for anyone.

I moved all my stuff into storage and I will be just hanging around until I move.

I have so much on my mind right now let me list it.

1. I know he just made a huge mistake and I dont even know why I still think about him
2. I can forgive but I never forget... and by not being able to forget I will never be able to truly forgive.
3. I wish love was as easy as the movies.
4. My heart feels weaker every single day
5. Can I please be happy for a few days straight?
6. I no longer have the ability to care about the drama that goes on at work. My job is amazing if I can focus on not being part of the drama
7. Small things stress me out... Like dogs not being taught to potty outside correctly
8. I need to change my oil!
9. i wish life was like twilight... in some ways it seems to be though... rofl
10. I wanted to cry a few times today.. So many good people are hurting.

All that can be said is that well... it comes and goes in waves... Listen to this song mate.

-Blake Baumann

Monday, March 9, 2009

I was just outted in math class! @ 11:05 AM

so .... some girls just outed me without thinking about it.... nice!

so .... some girls just outed me without thinking about it.... nice!


Hi Im blake.... and you have pondered onto my Blog.. I always have way to much to say and so few to listen.






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